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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,
It is hard to believe the holiday season is upon us! With all of it’s hustle and bustle, I hope you have time to slow down and relax with your family and
friends!! We invite you to our holiday band concert as well as our inaugural Exhibition of Learning on December 14th! The students and teachers have been working hard to showcase their ideas and creations. Our first and second grade students radiated on Wednesday night with their rendition of the Polar Express songs. We are so proud of the hard work of both students and staff.
As we move into the 2018 year, I want to wish you a delightful holiday season! Happy Holidays!
We look forward to January when we are in school to celebrate Civil Rights Day. We have invited famed artist and speed painter Rob Surette to AVS.
Rob provides words of wisdom while speeding through a painting of a famous individual. Thank you to our wonderful PTA for organizing this terrific
Have a restful vacation,
Lori and Michel

Enjoy our December newsletter here.

—Respectfully, Lori and Michel