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Facility Use


It is the desire of the Auburn School Board to encourage the responsible use of school facilities to those individuals, organizations, or groups who are members of the local community. This does not alter the fact that it is the responsibility of the Auburn School Board to require the establishment of necessary regulations to protect the students and employees of the school, the  users of the school facilities, the school board, the community, and the physical investment of the school district.

In order to insure the safety and security of all, the school building’s security system is to be armed during all non-user time. Custodial services will be required for the initial opening and final closing of the building, including those times when the custodian is not working regularly  scheduled hours. Requirements for custodial services are to be reflected in the Application for Use of Facilities form. (This is a fillable form, please open in a PDF reader.)

ASD KF Community Use of Facilities revised 1/12/21

Private, profit-making organizations requiring custodial services beyond regular hours are to assume the cost of those services per the following fee schedule:

Fee schedule for events:
Facility Opening $40.00
Facility Closing $40.00
Cleaning/Damage Deposit $100.00
Event Cleaning (by request) $20.00 per hour

Room Rental Fees
Gymnasium $100.00
Cafeteria $100.00
Classrooms $50.00 each
Cafeteria and Kitchen $150.00
Media Center $70.00
Fields and Grounds Up to 3 hours $150.00
Fields and Grounds Up Full Day $300.00
Rubbish Removal $20.00