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Preschool Early Education Program (PEEP)

Auburn Village School Preschool Early Education Program (PEEP)

Auburn Preschool Program Guide

Preschool Program Design

Our Special Education Department serves children between the ages of 3 and 22 who have been qualified for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Students who are eligible for services as early as 3 years of age are offered a range of services to which they are entitled. Upon completion of the preschool program, these students are then integrated into our elementary classrooms. The Integrated Preschool Program serves children ages 3 through 5 who have a disability as well as students who do not have a disability (peer models). The Preschool staff strive to match students with unique learning needs to peer students of the same age in order to provide the greatest opportunity for continued development of appropriate skills.

Elizabeth Tentas, our preschool teacher, will head up the program, along with two classroom aides. Her contact information is

Enrollment Consideration

While openings for typically developing children are available, it is important to plan ahead. Students who qualify for special education preschool as determined by the IEP team have priority enrollment. Children who do not qualify for Special Education services but who are ages 3 to 5 (not eligible age for kindergarten) may apply to be enrolled – tuition does apply. A wait list opens the first school day in the January prior to the desired school year. There will be a screening in the spring to determine which students will be offered a peer model placement.

If accepted into the program, these children will participate in an enriched learning environment focused on developing communication, social, self-help, motor, thinking skills and kindergarten readiness skills. Peer models also learn leadership and helping skills by modeling appropriate play and communication for their classmates with developmental delays.

Class size

Each preschool class will have a maximum of 14 students. All efforts will be made to maintain 50:50 ratio of peer models to students with IEPs.


All students must be current residents of Auburn. Proof of residency will be required prior to admission. Students with identified special needs will be admitted to the preschool program through the IEP placement process based on the needs of the individual students. If space is unavailable, students will be appropriately placed in other preschools similar to placements made before an AVS program was implemented.

Peer Model Admissions

  • Peer models must be three or four years old by September 30th of the year of entry.
  • Peer models must be fully toilet trained before entering the program in September.
  • A waitlist for typical peer model spots opens the first school day in the January prior to the desired school year.
  • Peer model participation is on a monthly tuition basis.
  • A screening for potential typical peers will be conducted by preschool staff in the spring prior to the school year of enrollment.
    • Screenings will result in either
      • Consideration for admission to preschool as a typical peer
      • Referral to child find for potential evaluation of concerns identified through the screening process

Preschool Program Calendar

The program will begin the day after Labor Day and end the Friday before the last scheduled day of school. All other dates will follow the approved Auburn School District calendar.


Tuition will be a revenue for the district.

$250 for the 4 – day pre-kindergarten program

$125 for the 2 – day preschool program


Parents are responsible for transportation for preschool students. Parents will utilize the parent drop off/pick up line.

Students requiring specialized transportation as determined by the IEP team will coordinate with the special education team.

Two Day Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday

Preschool (ages 3 and 4) Program – 8:15 am -11:00 am

Four Day Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Pre-K (ages 4 and 5) Program – 12:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Some students may qualify for additional services or specialized instruction outside of program hours but during the Auburn Village School day.

8:15 – 8:25 Arrival and Unpacking Routine 12:00 – 12:10
8:25 – 8:40 Morning Exploration Activities (Social/Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, & Creative Expression/Aesthetic Appreciation) 12:10 – 12:25
8:40 – 8:55 Circle Time (Social/Emotional Development, Emergent Literacy, & Early Numeracy Development) 12:25 – 12:40
8:55 – 9:25 Centers  Small Group instruction, Related Services (Language Development & Emergent Literacy, Early Numeracy & Approaches to Learning) 12:40 – 1:10
9:25 – 9:55 Structured Play (Social/Emotional Development Development, Cognitive Approaches to Learning, & Creative Expression/ Aesthetic Appreciation) 1:10 – 1:40
9:55 – 10:20 Bathroom and Handwashing/Snack (ADLs, Physical Development and Health) 1:40 – 2:05
10:20 – 10:35 Story Time (Language  Development & Emergent Literacy) 2:05 – 2:20
10:35 – 11:00 Pack Up Recess (ADLs, Physical Development, & Social/Emotional Development) 2:20 – 2:45
11:00 Dismissal 2:45