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Bus routes as of August 16, 2021. These are subject to change. Any updates will be noted by date.

Auburn A1 elementary is now picking up the Juniper and Seavey neighborhoods. A2 had 76 students assigned to it with that area so it is less 29 students that went on A1

A5 middle is now doing Pasture Coleman area. Taken off of A6 middle so A6 can go on Juniper Circle for stops on that road.

A7 had some rerouting to be able to pick up new students on the far end of Londonderry Tpk

A8 is now going onto Haven for both Middle and Elem runs to have neighborhood stops for that road that is now approved by the town.


Pinkerton Academy Cancellation and Delay Letter 2020-2021

As always if you have any questions about particular routes please contact Student Transportation of America at 222-2248.