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Congratulations CoderZ Winners

The CoderZ NH Spring Robotics Competition begins in late February with a Training Camp so that competitors can learn and understand the blocks used for the block coding.  Also, it teaches them how to use all the tools.  Training Camp lasts 2-3 weeks.  Next, CoderZ opens up 2 rounds of Preliminaries.  The top 3 teams in each division are invited to the finals.  This year, because not all 6 team members on each team were able to attend, CoderZ went with the highest scorer from each team.  There were 3 missions that needed to be completed.  We had all 6 team members so they decided that 2 members would tackle each of the 3 missions. At the end of the competition the 3 highest scorers were from AVS!!!!!!  The Oliver’s Eionians team won 1st place in the Pro Division.  They went up against 2 high school teams.  During the preliminaries there were a total of 5 teams.  The finals were held at Pinkerton Academy on Friday, May 17th.
As for the season . . . . It was made possible from a Title IV Federal Grant.  Thank you to Jen Bordis and Meg Largy who were instrumental in helping AVS get the grant.  This year there was approximately a 40% increase in participation.  Twenty-four students signed up to participate. One team competed in the Pro Division and 3 teams competed in the Novice Division.  With over 70 teams in the Novice Division, all 3 teams finished in the top 8.

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