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AVS Addition and Renovation Information

Remove portable and modular classrooms (9 classrooms)

  • Why? Portables are meant to be temporary. The portables have exceeded their life expectancy, are inefficient, and pose safety concerns.
  • Improve safety and security of entire school
    • Why? The Department of Homeland Security performed a site assessment and identified many areas of concern; some can only be addressed with a renovation.
  • Increase primary education, special education and group learning space
    • Why?  This will allow for growth in enrollment and more flexible educational spaces to support optimal instructional practices.
  • Improve the function of key common areas, including the gymnasium, nurse’s office, and restrooms
    • Why?  The gymnasium is too small to accommodate an entire school assembly. The nurse’s office does not currently meet minimum health standards. Restrooms are insufficient for students and staff.

Goals presentation


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