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State Reflections Winners

Auburn did very well at the Reflections state level, with 15 entries earning either a first, second, third place or honorable mention! So happy and proud!
The state finalists for AVS are below, with first place finishers going on to nationals! The state exhibition will be on March 7 from 5:30-7:30 at Hood Middle School in Derry.

Primary – Jonah Koestner (3rd place)
Intermediate – Sage Konick (3rd place), Angelina Newton (Honorable Mention)
Middle – Carleigh Lacroix (1st place)

Intermediate – Anna Martin (2nd place)

Middle – Samantha Brackesy (1st place), Danielle Goodall (3rd place)

Visual Arts:
Primary – Harper Cote (2nd Place)
Intermediate – Ella Bronson (Honorable Mention)
Middle – Isabella Falcone (3rd place), Danielle Goodall (Honorable Mention)

Primary – Oliver Monroe (2nd place)
Intermediate – Hayden Newell (1st place), Hayden Newell (Honorable Mention)
Middle – Danielle Goodall (Honorable Mention)

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