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Bus Driver Shortage Information

Dear Parents,

Due to the statewide driver shortage, the start up of the school year has been very challenging to say the least. Our SAU is seven drivers short at this moment. We have people in training but it takes approximately 90 days to get an individual trained and certified to drive a school bus.

All of the Student Transportation, Inc. locations in New Hampshire are pulling together to try and cover home to school routes and as many extracurricular activities as possible. In doing so, there will be times we must double routes to safely deliver all students to their stops. This has, and will, impact the times students get home in the afternoon. Please understand that times listed on the route sheets are estimated for the afternoon drop off and do not reflect issues outside of our control including but not limited to: general traffic on the roads, traffic at the schools, or a child getting onto the wrong bus.

We are notifying Principals on a daily basis of any situations that arise which will result in a bus being late and they will be notifying parents through our notification system. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to do this for the high school students as we do not have contact information for them.

We appreciate your patience while we are working diligently to rectify this situation.

Please know that even though the times may change, your children’s safety is and will always be the most important thing.

Should anyone be interested in learning how to drive we would love to hear from you at (603) 222-2248.


Patti Ordeshook

Operations Manager

SAU Letter (Hooksett) 9-19-18

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