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Congratulations Reflections Winners!

Congratulations to all students who participated in the PTA Reflections Art Competition. Twenty-six students from AVS submitted 58 original pieces of art including literature, paintings, sculptures, film, photography, music composition and drawings based on the theme “Heroes Around Me”. Of these entries, 34 pieces of art will be moving on to the state level.

Congratulations to the following students whose art entries will be moving to the state level:

Photography (Primary)

Oliver Monroe (1st & 2nd)

Connor Welch (3rd)

Photography (Intermediate)

Sage Konick (1st)

Anna Stanton (2nd)

Desheng Goodall (3rd)

Photography (Middle)

Scarlett Koestner (1st & 2nd)

Visual Arts (Primary)

Jonah Koestner (1st)

Gia Cannamucio (2nd)

Grace Gauthier (3rd)

Visual Arts (Intermediate)

Harper Cote (1st)

Connor Cote (2nd)

Olivia Magnan (3rd)

Visual Arts (Middle)

Ava Audet (1st)

Lauren Marsh (2nd)

Angelina Newton (3rd)

Music Composition (Primary)

Cassandra Anderson (1st & 2nd)

Jonah Koestner (3rd)

Music Composition (Intermediate)

Sage Konick (1st & 2nd)

Dance Choreography (Primary)

Eloise Koestner (1st)

Film Production (Primary)

Jonah Koestner (1st)

Film Production (Intermediate)

Siddharth Krishna (1st)

Film Production (Middle)

Paige Sullivan (1st)

Literature (Primary)

Jonah Koestner (1st)

Eloise Koestner (2nd)

Cassandra Anderson (3rd)

Literature (Intermediate)

Rylen Petri (1st & 2nd)

Literature (Middle)

Mary Lachance (1st)

Angelina Newton (2nd)

Delaney Petri (3rd)

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