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Invention Convention Winners 2019

Best in Grade – For the invention that scores the highest in each grade. Inventor’s Name:    Jordynn Daigle    Safe-T Crate

Environmental Invention

Winners of the 2019 Invention Convention

For the invention that best helps the environment. Inventor’s Name: Harry Vaillancourt  Flex Charger

Special Needs Invention/ Medical Award – For the invention that solves a medical problem in a unique way or the special needs of a disabled person. Inventor’s Name: Drew Cianca   Balance App

Fun and Leisure Time – For the best invention dealing with leisure activities. Inventor’s Name:  Quinn Hammer  Tube-Link

Practical and Useful – For the most marketable invention everyone could use. Inventor’s Name:  Mary Lachance  One Trip

Original and Unique – For the most creative, never-before-seen invention. Inventor’s Name: Jennah Alawie  Eco Bike

Judge’s Choice – For the invention that deserves special recognition but does not fit into any other category. Inventor’s Name :  Meghan Finnegan  Simple Slide

AVS Staff Choice – For the invention that AVS staff  likes the best. Inventor’s Name:  Lauren Furgal  Hair Guard

Thank you to our fabulous PTA for funding the awards for this program!

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