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Auburn School District Budget Update

As you may have heard this morning, Pinkerton Academy has offered $30,000 to the Auburn School District to pay for field trips, classroom supplies, spring sports, arts/music programs, and school bus transportation.  We are in the process of understanding if their proposal is a budget reduction or a temporary deferment in what we pay Pinkerton for our high school students.  The difference is important and could influence this year’s and/or next year’s budget.  We are awaiting a documented proposal from Pinkerton, and the Auburn School Board will meet next week to review and discuss it.  We anticipate posting a School Board meeting notice on Monday, and this notice will include the date and time of the meeting.

We understand our current budget problem is impacting many students, parents, and staff.  We continue to review all expenses and funding and identify ways to minimize all impacts as much as possible.

Finally, thank you to Pinkerton and the many parents and residents who have sent in suggestions and recommendations.  We very much appreciate your collaboration and please know we are looking into all ideas.

Auburn School Board

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