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AVS Teacher, Carly Cohen, Honored as NH Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist

First Lady Valerie Sununu, a former special educator, Ryan Terrell from the State Board of Education, Christine Brennan, Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Education, Danielle Boutin, 2021 Teacher of the Year as well as Kim Piper, 2020 Teacher of the Year and Sawyer Rogers, former Senate Youth delegate honored our own Carly Cohen, and five other semi-finalists for the 2022 NH Teacher of the Year Award at the Bridges House yesterday. First Lady Valerie Sununu commented “Our New Hampshire teachers are very talented. Under the unique circumstances of remote learning and a world-wide pandemic, the teachers nominated this session hold a special regard in our state and our communities. Every single one of them deserves our utmost celebration.” Ryan Terrell observed that almost all of the applications discussed the importance of the educators having a network of support, which was a challenge during COVID.

AVS Teacher Carly Cohen

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